Latest weather Update for Jammu and Kashmir – Details Here

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As of the latest update on December 13, 2023, the weather in Jammu and Kashmir presents a mixed bag, with a predominantly cold and dry spell interspersed with intermittent snowfall in the higher altitudes.

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Current Weather Conditions:

The prevailing weather condition across most places in Jammu and Kashmir is characterized by mainly clear skies. However, a notable feature is the presence of shallow to moderate fog in various parts of the Kashmir Division, contributing to reduced visibility.

Forecast Overview:

• 13-15th December: Expect dry weather to prevail during this period.

• 16-17th December: A shift in the weather pattern is anticipated, with general cloud cover and the possibility of light snow over higher reaches. Residents and travelers should brace for a change in atmospheric conditions during these days.

• 18-22nd December: The dry weather is forecasted to make a comeback, maintaining a cold spell across the region.

Temperature Trends:

The observed minimum temperatures have been documented, providing a glimpse into the chilly climate gripping Jammu and Kashmir. Residents are advised to take necessary precautions to stay warm and protect against the cold.

Snowfall Outlook:

The highlight of the upcoming forecast is the potential for light snowfall over the higher reaches of the region during the 16th and 17th of December. This occurrence adds a touch of winter magic to the landscape, enhancing the scenic beauty of the mountains.


As we navigate through the month of December, the weather in Jammu and Kashmir promises a mix of cold, dry spells, and the occasional dusting of snow in elevated areas. Residents are urged to stay updated on the latest weather forecasts, especially during the specified dates of potential snowfall, to plan their activities accordingly.

While the winter chill persists, the region’s beauty is accentuated by the white blanket of snow, offering a picturesque scene for those who venture into the higher altitudes. As always, it’s advisable for residents and visitors alike to stay informed and prepared for the dynamic weather conditions that characterize the winter months in Jammu and Kashmir.

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