JKSSB Finance Accounts Assistant Question Paper, Answer Key 2024 Download PDF

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JKSSB Finance Accounts Assistant Question Paper, Answer Key 2024 Download PDF

The Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board (JKSSB) conducted the OMR-based written exam for the post of Accounts Assistant, Finance Department on 28th January 2024.

After the completion of the exam, JKSSB will release the official answer key for the Accounts Assistant exam. The answer key contains correct answers to the questions asked in the exam.

Candidates who appeared for the JKSSB Accounts Assistant exam can soon download the official answer key from the link given below:

The PDF file contains the question paper code, question number, and correct answers marked for all questions asked in the exam.

Candidates should download the official answer key PDF and tally their responses with the answers given in the PDF to calculate their probable exam scores. In case of any discrepancy in the responses, candidates can raise objections within the stipulated time.

JKSSB will release the final answer key and Accounts Assistant result after analyzing all the challenges raised by candidates against the provisional answer key. The final selection will be based on the candidates scores in the written exam as per the final answer key. Candidates are advised to stay updated on the JKSSB website regarding final answer key and result declaration details.


In order to better prepare for the JKSSB Finance Accounts Assistant Exam, it is beneficial to make use of previous exam papers.

The examination for the position of Finance Accounts Assistant with the Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board (JKSSB) is extremely difficult, as thousands of applicants take the exam each year to compete for a predetermined number of positions. In this kind of situation, it is absolutely necessary for those who are ambitious to have a concentrated approach and to make use of every feasible preparation strategy in order to increase their chances of being successful. One method that has been shown to be effective is to carefully examine the examinations from prior years.

In order to gain a better understanding of the structure, pattern, themes, and level of difficulty of the actual examination, it is beneficial to examine previous examination papers. The following are some of the primary benefits of using this type of preparation:

Accounts Assistant Making Sense of the Exam Structure

By reviewing prior JKSSB Finance Accounts Assistant papers, one can gain a better understanding of the format that is to be anticipated. The written examination is comprised of questions of the objective kind with multiple choice answers, which are categorised into a number of distinct sections, with each section evaluating a different domain. A cursory examination of the old documents suggests that the most important areas are accounting principles, taxation, financial reporting, auditing, quantitative aptitude, general financial regulations, and computer competence. Candidates who possess this expertise are better able to perform section-wise preparation.

Determine Which Subjects Are Tested Most Frequently

Certain topics and subjects have a greater likelihood of being tested on the examination in comparison to other subjects and topics. The process of solving old papers brings to light the subjects that have presented themselves the most frequently over the course of the years. These include the fundamentals of double entry bookkeeping, accounting for depreciation, bank reconciliation statements, cash flow statements, ratio analysis, fundamentals of income tax, GST, and the utilization of Microsoft Excel for financial computations. It is therefore possible for aspirants to concentrate their efforts on thoroughly reviewing these high-probability areas.

Comprehension of the Level of Difficulty

Papers from the previous year offer a decent indication of the level of questions that will be on the test, whether they are conceptual or problem solving in nature. In addition, the degree of difficulty and precision that is anticipated in the solutions is brought to light by going through the process of marking numerical questions in a step-by-step manner. When students are aware of the difficulty standard, they are better able to devote their time to comprehending more complex problems rather than reviewing the fundamentals.

Enhancing Both Fastness and Accuracy

Due to the enormous amount of questions on the JKSSB exam, there are severe time constraints that must be adhered to. When you practice with old papers, you can identify areas in which you need improvement and enhance both your speed and accuracy when solving problems. Due to the fact that timing is of utmost importance, it is vital to practice speed by taking mock examinations within the allotted amount of time. Aspirants will be able to attempt the maximum number of questions properly when they are under the pressure of the actual test.

Evaluation of the Level of Preparation

Students are able to determine their present level of preparation by attempting previous question papers, which is the most effective method. The score that was obtained assists applicants in refining their study strategy by highlighting areas in which they can improve. The presence of low marks in any segment is indicative of conceptual deficiencies or a lack of practice in the subject matter related to that section. Through the process of solving papers, knowledge and skill deficiencies that need to be strengthened further are revealed.

Acquiring Knowledge of the Naming Scheme

The marking scheme includes the overall number of questions the sections, the negative grading, the passing conditions, and the weightage of each subject. This makes it clear how many questions need to be focused on in each of the different subjects, as well as the minimum score that is required. In addition, hopefuls who are aware of the precise exam pattern are less likely to experience anxiety or confusion on the day of the final examination.

Acquiring Experience in Taking Examinations

One way to alleviate test anxiety and boost confidence is to take practice exams that are designed to simulate real-world scenarios. Candidates will be better prepared to sit for two to three hours and solve difficult problems without becoming restless as a result of this experience. Students will feel more at ease in the actual testing environment if they follow all of the rules and regulations for the examination while they are practicing at home.

Conducting a Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis

There are specific areas in which each student excels and those in which they struggle. Through the process of solving past papers, one can determine which themes and topics are more challenging, allowing for additional emphasis to be paid to those certain areas. In a similar manner, students are able to identify their strong points, portions in which they are able to confidently attempt more questions in order to achieve a high score When it comes to preparing for the JKSSB Finance Accounts Assistant exam, the most effective way to acquire a feel for the actual examination is to review past exam questions. It draws attention to the required level of proficiency and gives candidates the opportunity to develop in areas where they are lacking. To effectively absorb the valuable test insights that are provided by former question papers, consistent practice and review are the keys to success. This rigorous technique for preparing for the examination will assist candidates in gaining an advantage over their rivals and increasing their chances of being selected.

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